Kalen at 7 Months…

We just spent the last little while trying to make what sense we could of the reality that Kalen will be 7 months old tomorrow. What is it about your sense time as you age? Remember when you were kid and the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to last longer than the previous 11 months? That’s what is was like for us anyway, and I think it was because we were conciously aware that each day was one closer to getting some sweet gifts…the anticipation made the clock spin backwards. Fast forward to today – I look forward to each day with Kalen and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next and for some reason the oposite is true as a 30-something…time is flying faster than ever! Wish I could turn that on and off, but I can’t (yet). Enough said – Here’s some recent pics of Kalen to celebrate 7 months:







~ by staciandandy on November 14, 2009.

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