Can you really upgrade a miracle?

We just completed 25 weeks of Staci’s pregnancy and we had yet another chance to see our little guy in 3D. It’s images like these that remind me what a miracle he truly is. Here’s a pic:

The wavy thing in his face is the umbilical cord and he apparently likes to play with it (note the hand).

And now the real reason for this post. Thanks to the amazing advances in modern sonography, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our son comes with a cup holder! An upgrade on our miracle – check it out:




~ by staciandandy on January 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “Can you really upgrade a miracle?”

  1. You are a sick but funny man!! Kid looks smooth!!

  2. @bhowe – crazy stuff, right? They said the machine “couldn’t resolve” the entire head at once so he kept showing up with all these holes…had to make the best of a strange situation.

  3. he looks like me.

    • @steve-o – maybe….oh wait, there is a certain “distinguishing feature” that rules you out. Sorry buddy…Bartolucci’s just don’t have those size genes…Thanks for playing though.

  4. I’m afraid I will have to take my grandson home from the hospital. I can’t possibly let him go home with you, Andy.

  5. Does he have a place for the donuts too??

  6. @mom – i wish…you’re making me hungry…time for breakfast

  7. you’re right…we don’t have cupholders…cute kid though…can’t wait to meet little clarkie.

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