…a good Irish whiskey and a great dog. Staci and rescued a Black Lab from the dog pound a few years ago and we decided to name him Jameson. Funny part is we both think that one of us thought of the name first and because I (Andy) am writing this, it was obvioulsy me. I say “rescue” because it wasn’t one of those nice, “no kill” sort of places that we got him from. I was warned by the folks running the place that he was way too hyper and was going to be tough to train because he was already almost a year old and had been a stray for most, if not all of his life as far as they could tell. They let me take him into a small fenced in area for a test run and he was pretty hyped-up, just like they said, but so was I so we got along pretty good. I was running around in the cage chasing the tennis ball they gave us and after a bit he just sat down and watched me as if to say “I’m crazy, but that dude’s clinical.” Long story short, the whole “taste of your medicine” thing has been the best method ever and now we have a pretty well trained dog with a ton of personality. So why all the dog talk? Because it’s Winter and I think Winter is Jameson’s favorite time of year. He reminded me of that this past weekend. The roads were a little too nasty to head out on the usual route for a walk so I took him out in the yard for some snow wrestling. He is CRAZY about snow and eats a bunch until he sneezes and burries his head in it and inhales so much that he gags – just like we used to when we were kids. He’s 5 years old now, but can get just as wound up as did when we first got him and I love to instigate. Here’s a few pics from our snow fight:


~ by staciandandy on January 6, 2009.

One Response to “Jameson…”

  1. Hmmmmm…Cool story! I didn’t know that about him. All I can say is that when I put a plate full of deer meat on your coffee table, he was the last “thing” I was worried about. Very good dog…

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