A brief look back at 2008

Staci does this thing where she sits down with the calendar for the upcoming year and fills in the white space with everything that’s supposed to happen and all the recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries. As a guide, she refers to the previous year’s calendar just before recycling it. Maybe you’d say she’s thorough, or anal retentive – either way it ends up being a fun way to reminisce. Here’s is a brief look back at some of the highlights from our ’08 calendar.

In March we took a trip to Costa Rica. Staci and I rented a car and drove all over. Here are a few pics:
We took trapeeze lessons (strange I admit, but true), chescked out the rainforest, soaked in hot springs at the base of an active volcano, and enjoyed a handful of beautiful beaches. If you can find a way to get there, we highly recommend it. We’re going back as soon as the little guy is old enough to surf.

In her infinite wisdom, Staci used the afore-mentioned vacation as bribery to get me to finish remodelling our home. It took three and a half years and a ton of help from family and friends and by early 2008, it was finally done! Here’s some before and after shots of the front:

I was able to travel a bit for work in ’08 and saw a bit of the East, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, and West Coast. Here’s some pics:

Staci and I both turned 30 this past year and after several years of difficulties getting pregnant, we woke up to this on August 9th:
We are so incredibly blessed and can’t wait to meet the little guy in 2009! So many of our friends either had kids or got pregnant in ’08. I guess we are at that age. Baby Clark is going to have a bunch of little pals and has even been mentioned as a candidate for a prearranged marriage.

August was insane for us. On top of finding out Staci was pregnant, I put my brother’s bachelor party together, took part in a 100-mile relay race, saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees in their last year at Yankee Stadium with this guy, and went to Toronto with Jenn and Steve, Brian, Kevin and Book. Here’s some more pics:

Seth's Bachelor Weekend

Seth's Bachelor Weekend


100 on 100 Relay

100 on 100 Relay

Sox vs. Yanks

Sox vs. Yanks

After finishing as runners-up in 2007, our softball team won the league championship in 2008. Here’s a quick pic with one of my adoring fans:

In September, Staci and I travelled out to Denver, CO to take part in my not-so-little brother’s wedding. He and his new wife Sarah planned a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception at a botanical garden in the foothills of the Rockies. We spent just about a week with the family hanging out, helping prepare, partying, and then winding down after. Here’s a few pics from the trip:

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a number of things from ’08 so I’ll call this post part one of _____. 2008 was a great year for us and we want to thank everybody who was a part of it. Can’t wait to see what 2009 brings…


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