Has perspective ever snuck up on you and smacked you directly in the grill? If you are like me and HATE traffic and the lack of convenient parking (or parking at all), then this time of year is especially frustrating with last minute holiday shopping and everybody travelling in inclimate weather. I volunteered last night at a Christmas service at the Colonie campus of Northway Church and to get there, I drove during rush hour down a major local route that also leads directly to one of the areas most popular shopping malls. I think my top speed was about 15 mph and it took 35 minutes to go just a few miles between work and church…angry… My task was to help direct parking for what ended up being the largest turnout to date at the small campus. The parking lot and street in front of the church were jam-packed – a car load of folks pulls up and the driver rolls down the window and asks if there’s any parking available. I informed him that the entire immediate vicinity was full and before I could continue with further direction, he says “Dude, that’s awesome! I’ll park somewhere down the road and just walk.” Perspective.


~ by staciandandy on December 24, 2008.

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