Good friends and snowboarding…

Two of my favorite things – good friends and snowboarding.  Let me explain.  Yesterday afternoon we got to hang out with some great friends.  Jenny and Sam, some of our best pals from way back, had their baby shower.  Seems to be the thing to do these days.  The gals did the shower thing and Sambo and I kicked it at the minivan drag races in the Babies ‘R Us parking lot.  We ran a 32.6 in this pig: 

i feel the need, the need for speed

i feel the need, the need for speed

We muscled out a fourth place finish in the ’90 – ’93 Super Sport class and brought home the 50 Hz European travel power adapter for the breast pump.  Now we can pump anywhere in the world!  All thanks to GM’s 3800 V6 engine coupled with a Hydra-Matic 4T60 4-speed electronically-controlled transmission.  I decided that, to commemorate the place that Staci and I met, I am going to invent a chocolate milk breast pump with an in-line Hershey’s syrup reservoir.  I’ll post schematics as soon as they are complete.

Regarding snowboarding, I booked a trip to visit my brother in Colorado this January.  Here’s a pic of us from one of my previous trips out there (I’m the one with the beard): 


Every trip to CO has been incredible.  Aside from the Clark – Mercer wedding this past summer, the upcoming trip is bound to be the best yet.  The word from the west the other day was that my brother’s father-in-law has made arrangements to get us into the Rocky Mountain back country.  Should be INSANE – snow cat ride to deep powder and bliss…Maybe I’ll try to post some pics that highlight past trips to CO.


~ by staciandandy on December 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Good friends and snowboarding…”

  1. What, did you guys meet at Hershey Park or something?

    • @Libby no, at a chocolate milk machine in the old college dining hall…..$15,000 a semester for all the chocolate milk you could drink….great for washing down grilled cheese and pickles. Interested in getting your hands on those schematics?

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