And so it begins…

Here’s the story – Staci and I are notoriously slow at adopting “new” technology, especially if effort is required. So many of our friends have blogs that we enjoy reading, it got us thinking – why not give it a try? We can always quit, right? Our goal is simple – get rich or die tryin’. No, no that is not true at all really. What we want to do is leverage this technology to keep friends and family apprised of the latest and greatest from the Clark family. On that note, before we know it our family will experience a 133% increase when our son is born next April.  Check back for pics, video and updates on that. In time I expect we’ll add some other treats too, like interesting and insightful bits from Staci and the usual flotsam from yours truly… And so it begins.


~ by staciandandy on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Yay. More blogging buddies. Keep it up and you can become obsessed with the blog world like we all are.

  2. ok so you said come here if iam bored….iam still bored! come on man put some cool pics of your remodel up or perhaps if you are lucky a picture of a deer taking a poop in your backyard! that would be cool and not boring.

    alright i expect big things in the next blog andy and staci.—zeph

  3. @Zeph sorry buddy, we’ll do better next time….still trying to figure this blog thing out!

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